Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

Beekeeping can be a confusing, and often frustrating experience when you’re just starting out. Traditionally, many experienced beekeepers help out those that are just starting, though a process simply called “mentoring”.

Beekeeping mentors work one-on-one with new beekeepers, explaining techniques and offering advice. More than anything, they are there to answer age-old questions about bees and their habits.

If you’re starting out in beekeeping, or think you would benefit from having a mentor, see the list below for names of volunteer mentors in your area. As the name implies, mentors don’t charge for their knowledge or time, but do it for their love of beekeeping and teaching others, helping to sustain the hobby with future generations of beekeepers.

Please keep in mind that like all volunteers, mentors have lives outside of beekeeping, and thus have individual limits on the amount of time they can help other beekeepers.


Name Contact Info Locations covered Notes
Dave Strickler Within 15 mins of Boston’s South End Will do on-site work, except during summer months