Local Honey and Bee Product Sources

Follow The Honey sells an amazing amount of honey, both localy and from around the world. Located in Harvard Square, and thus close to the Red Line T, this shop is a wonderland for anyone who is interested in honey or the creatures that produce it.

1132 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
[between Club Oberon & Karma Yoga]
(617) 945-7356
Open Sunday through Thursday from 12pm-6pm, and Friday & Saturday 12pm-7pm

The Benevolent Bee harvests honey; collects and makes things out of wax; and observes, learns and teaches about bees and bee behavior. They also teach classes on “Products of the Hive”.

Find them at Etsy or at their own website.

Mike Graney has been keeping bees within Boston city limits since 1997. The main bee yard is at City Natives, a property run by Boston Natural Areas Network, used for teaching and growing native plants. He sells his liquid honey, rough (raw) honey, and other hive products under his Eat Local Honey (LLC) label. Always up for a bee adventure, swarm catching, bee-mentoring, or other positive honeybee activities. 

Contact Mike at (617) 633-0235 or mike@eatlocalhoney.com

The Boston Honey Company is a local apiary that sells its honey.

229 Lowland St. 
Holliston, MA 01746