Recommended Reading/Viewing

Beginning Books

There are seemingly endless number of books and articles on beekeeping, especially for beginners. Many have served as guides for novice beekeepers, and most cover the the basic points. Even advanced beekeepers read beekeeping books to gain insights on techniques from other beekeepers.

Don’t worry about picking the “perfect book” to start, as there is none, but rather many opinions from many beekeeping authors. Whether it’s based off of availability, recommendation by a mentor, or throwing a (sticky) dart at this list, just begin reading, and get some bees to combine with some hands on learning.  

Remember, that there will be many cold winter New England evenings ahead where you’ll be unable to tend to your colony. Why not spend them learning everything you can about bees?


Movies / Videos

Just as there are many good books and articles written on beekeeping over the years, there are increasingly movies and videos on the same.

YouTube offers nearly endless hours of watching videos of all sorts of quality, and the more professional world has also come out with an ever growing selection of quality films for watching.  

Different films approach beekeeping from different angles. This list is to keep track of what is available, and share with your some of our favorites for those with more limited viewing time.  Also keep an eye out on the events page for notices of local screenings and releases of new films.