Boston Area Beekeepers Association

Boston Area Beekeepers Association

The Boston Area Beekeepers Association (BABA), initially called Boston Beekeepers Club, was formed in 2011 to bring together beekeepers from the greater Boston area. In transitioning from a local club to a regional association, BABA aims to be an inclusive and accessible beekeeping hub for beekeepers and bee enthusiasts in and around Suffolk County and Metro Boston.

It is our mission to educate current and future beekeepers, bee-enthusiasts as well as the general public through a wide offering of events and partnerships. To further this effort we seek to grow our offerings every year to better serve the interests and needs of our members.

We do this through regular club meetings with guest speakers, our annual Bee School, BABA’s Tour De Hives (a bicycle tour of beehives around the Boston/Metro Boston area), field days and Meet The Beekeeper events.

Membership is open to any current beekeeper, future beekeeper, or bee-enthusiast regardless of their geographic area. However, our meetings and lectures are based in the Greater Boston Area. Please feel free to attend our events, and share your love of beekeeping. To become a Member, click here.

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We can always use more help. If you’d like to get involved with BABA, please send us an email at