Boston Area Beekeepers Association

Our Mission

It is our mission to educate current and future beekeepers alike through a wide offering of different events and partnerships.  We are dedicated to educating beekeepers, bee-enthusiasts, and the general public alike. To further this effort we endeavor to grow our offerings every year to better serve the interests and needs of our members.

We do this through regular club meetings with guest speakers, our annual bee school, the tour de hives a bicycle tour of beehives, field days and meet the beekeeper events.  Our club meetings are held every six weeks and we have two apiary sites that members can sign up to help maintain.


Joining BABA: Benefits of Membership

  • Free entry to BABA meetings. There is a $5 fee to attend the monthly meeting if you are not a BABA member.
  • Discounted and priority registration for our annual Bee School (which fills up fast every year!).
  • Discounted and priority registration for our annual Tour de Hives event.
  • Opportunity to be nominated for important Committees/workgroups and potentially, after some service to BABA, be elected to the BABA Board of Directors.
  • Opportunity to vote on which featured speakers from around the U.S. that BABA will invite to meetings.
  • And more as BABA grows!


Membership is open to any beekeeper or bee-enthusiast in the Greater Boston Area.

Individual Membership

Individual memberships cover one person for an entire year of BABA events.

Household Membership

Household​ memberships cover all the beekeepers in a single household​ for an entire year of BABA events.

Student Membership

Student memberships cover​​s a single beekeeper, who is a full-time student, for​ an entire year of BABA events.