Jean Miller | Beekeeping in Kenya: History, Culture, Tradition, and Modern Practices, Current Problems and What We Can Learn

To register email: president@bostonbeekeepers.orgFree to all BABA members! Jean Miller has been a beekeeper since 2014 and became a Cornell University Master Beekeeper in 2021. Presentation addresses: Honey History and Culture in Kenya Difference between our Western honey bee (Apis mellifera ligustica) and African honey bee (Apis mellifera scutellata) Hive types used in Kenya Honey […]

Mass Audubon | Introduction to Native Bees

Introduction to Native Bees(This is not an event organized or hosted by BABA) February 11, 2023 (Saturday) 1:00-2:30pm Location: Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, Mattapan Audience: Adult FREE to BABA Members!!!! Registration is required. Bees are amazing pollinators, indicator species, and often misunderstood. This program will discuss native bees and their life cycles, followed […]

Mass Audubon | Solitary Bees and Bee Hotels

Solitary Bees and Bee Hotels(This is not an event organized or hosted by BABA) February 25, 2023 (Saturday) 1:00-2:30pm Location: Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, Mattapan Audience: Adult FREE to BABA Members!!!! This program will start by discussing bee external anatomy and observing specimens. We will learn about solitary bee life cycles, threats native […]

Alison McAfee PhD | The Perilous Life of a Drone

To register Free to all BABA members!! The perilous life of a drone Drone honey bees are woefully understudied. An abundance of healthy, high-quality drones are necessary to produce top-notch queens, but we have a very poor understanding of how stressors like extreme temperatures and pesticide exposure affect adult drone survival, and physiology. We […]

Nathan Reid | Lessons Learned in Beekeeping – Things I’m Passionate About

EAS Master Beekeeper 21' Head Beekeeper at the Best Bees Co. Nate grew up in Maryland helping to take care of a few hives in his backyard. Taking that experience with him to college, he interned with the Entomology Dept at UMD College Park for 2 years. From there Nate would go on to catch queens […]

Andrew Coté | HONEY AND VENOM: Urban Beekeeping

Andrew Coté is an author and a fourth generation beekeeper, Andrew Coté, the owner of Andrew's Local Honey, has been a pioneer in urban beekeeping. Andrew has hives all across the greater NY area from Westchester to the Waldorf Astoria in Midtown Manhattan. His raw honey has an incredible flavor that varies slightly with the […]

How Bad Is It? Using Mite-Drop Counts to Measure & Control Varroa Infestation

By Larry VandeVenter -- Boston beekeeper; BABA and Classroom Hives board member. Like pinballs, mites regularly fall off bees and end up on the hive's bottom board.  Counting the number of fallen mites that land on pull-out trays under screened bottom boards can accurately measure a hive's mite infestation levels.  Larry has translated three years […]

Frontiers in Small Hive Beetle Control

Frontiers in Small Hive Beetle ControlDate: Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023, 7:00-8:30pm via Zoom Location: Zoom Register for Lecture As far back as the 1960s, the American beekeeping industry had identified Aethina tumida as a potential threat to US beekeeping. Decades before their arrival in the United States, Caron (1978) stated that “One can only hope […]

Bees & Pesticides Workshop by Caro Munoz, Ph.D. candidate

Caro Munoz will present the results of her 2021 research into the pesticides bees bring back to the hive and how the effects of these pesticides relate to their interaction with crops and wild plants. Overlooked in their significance, insect pollinators play a paramount role in maintaining ecosystem balance and are vital contributors to the […]

Vitellogenin – The Swiss knife of honey bees

Over the last 20 years, my big passion in research has been Vitellogenin. Vitellogenin is a very old protein, more than 700 million years old. If we think of life on Earth in general, that time point is likely prior to the evolution of most, if not all, multicellular life forms. Since then, Vitellogenin has […]

Ask The Beekeeper

A discussion and Q&A with Dave Lewcon of Dave Lewcon Apiaries, Uxbridge, MA Now is the busiest time of year for bees and beekeepers alike.  It's easy to get overwhelmed with the speed of a growing hive, changing brood patterns, and the myriad of never-seen-before surprises and behaviors that befuddle both novice AND experienced beekeepers.For […]

Hope in the Fight Against Varroa

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Did you miss this presentation? If you're a BABA member, you can find it here. A Presentation by Project Apis m. Executive Director Danielle Downey & Dr. Bob Danka, USDA-retired. Varroa mites remain the primary threat to honey bees for most beekeepers.  The ultimate solution to the Varroa destructor problem will be bees that can defend […]